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DuraHandle Watercolor Brush and  Painting Tool set

DuraHandle Watercolor Brush and Painting Tool set

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TOP SELLER - Long Lasting, Professional Grade Brush Sets For Continuous Inspiration!

While wood handles are traditionally the preferred style for artists the world over there is a growing need to have handles that do not crack or chip when soaked in water or solvents. This is particularly true in classroom situations in public, private or social settings. Creative Inspirations brushes are available with both long or short handles and are made to last longer than traditional brushes that artists use in their private studios. The synthetic filament hair shapes to a square edge or super fine point. Brushes exhibit a wonderful brush response for superb control. The brush head is fashioned into a professional, high quality seamless nickel plated brass ferrule. The Dura-Handle™ has a balanced feel as it is solid resin and not cheap plastic. Taken as a whole, these brushes may be relied upon longer than conventional brushes but with a high end feel and performance. Use for all traditional media including oils, acrylics and watercolors.

Brush Sizes included:  Rounds in size 2 and 8, Flats in size 1/4" and 1", 1 toothbrush and 1 retractable utility knife.

Key Features:
  • Seamless Nickel Plated Brass Ferrules
  • High Performance Taklon Synthetic Hair
  • Dura-Handle™ solid resin handles (not cheap plastic)
  • Handles will not chip or crack when soaked in water
  • Lasts longer than wood, cleans easily.
  • Can be reused after cleaned
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